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The Time Between Special Edition






The Time Between Special Edition

During 1961 and 1962, Walter Dixon created and produced a radio program called The Time Between. Designed for late night radio listening, The Time Between consisted of short vignettes written and narrated by Walter Dixon and complimented by the music of Douglas Duke.

Underpinned by Doug‘s superb musical performance, Walter’s entertaining slice-of-life stories created a relaxing nostalgic mood. The listening audience loved it!

Walter and Doug had a lot of fun working together during those years. On one occasion Walter wrote a rather risqué story which he knew could never be aired over the radio. He presented it to Doug and they decided to record it in a Time Between format just “for kicks.” Ed Mitchell, Walter’s favorite sound engineer, joined them. Without benefit of a rehearsal and, in a single “take,” the three men produced an electrifying presentation of a story called Duval Street.

Duval Street lay unnoticed in Walter’s large collection of professional audiotapes for about 45 years. It was recently discovered by Sheron Dixon as she worked on the task of digitalizing the large collection of audio and visual tapes left to her by her late husband.

This Special Edition of Walter Dixon’s Time Between Radio program contains segments taken from volumes 1, 3, 11 and 17 in the Time Between series. Together they create a tropical ambience in which the steamy content of Walter’s Duval Street story can best be told.

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Track Listing
  Track 01. Opening Theme and Introduction 01:30
  Track 02. Story: Where The Night Wind Flows Like Wine 01:37
  Track 03. Music: La Golandrina/Poor People of Paris 03:35
  Track 04. Story: Charleston, SC and Maria 01:21
  Track 05. Music: Lover 00:53
Horn Track 06. Lola and Rio De Janeiro 02:30
  Track 07. Brazil 02:54
  Track 08. Story: I Remember Maria Contado 02:01
Horn Track 09. Music: La Cumparsita 03:16
Horn Track 10. Story and Music: Key West/Candy 02:20
Horn Track 11. Story: On Basin Street 02:29
Horn Track 12. Music: Basin Street Blues 03:24
  Track 13. Story: Getting Away From It All 01:34
  Track 14. Music: Poinciana 05:27
Horn Track 15. Story and Music: Duval Street For Kicks 09:43
  Track 16. Closing Theme and Credits 02:25
  Total Time 46.56


This Special Edition of the Time Between radio program features “Duval Street For Kicks;” the never-aired adult story of a young sailor’s experience in a Key West Strip Tease Club. This compelling tale is sensitively told with the pulsating rhythms of Walter Dixon’s narrative style and the heart-stopping music of Douglas Duke. Listening to Duval Street For Kicks is a riveting, never-to-be-forgotten experience.

Produced by Walter W. Dixon Jr. through Dew Productions at radio Station WHAM in Rochester, New York  1961.
Digitalized, edited and reproduced by Sheron McNeil Dixon 2006.
Booklet, jewel case and CD designed and printed by Sheron McNeil Dixon.