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Doug Duke
Doug Duke Doug Duke Doug Duke Doug Duke Doug Duke Doug Duke Doug Duke
Doug Duke in Concert at the RKO Palace

Doug Duke in Concert at the RKO Palace

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Back of Booklet:
When Paul Preo first discovered Douglas Duke shortly after World War II, he was so impressed with Doug Duke’s extraordinary style he began recording Doug during his various club engagements.  Paul’s first successful amateur recording happened in 1959.  When Doug opened his own place affectionately known as “The Music Room,” Paul added to his recordings all the great artists who stopped by to jam with him whenever they were in town.  Paul continued to record Doug Duke until his Music Room closed.  Mr. Duke died in 1973.  He was 53 years old.   We are grateful to Paul for allowing us to reproduce his recordings of Douglas Duke at the Palace Theater Wurlitzer organ. 

Danny Schultz is hard at work adjusting a diaphone pipe on the RKO Palace Wurlitzer Theater Organ.  In 1960 he and a handful of others undertook the enormous task of restoring this organ which had long lain in disuse.  In 1964, Danny played a pivotal role in the formation of the Rochester Theater Organ society and continued to be in charge of maintaining the Wurlitzer.  The RTOS owes much to Danny Schultz for his hard work and wise counsel during the decade of the 1960s.

Tray liner notes:
This remarkable CD set presents an important new chapter in the history of the RKO Palace, its magnificent Wurlitzer organ and in the life and music of jazz organist/pianist, Douglas Duke.  It includes a live concert, numerous interviews and even behind-the-scenes practice sessions taken from the “reference tapes” of Paul Preo. This marks only 3rd  Wurlitzer recording ever to be produced from Rochester New York’s RKO Palace Theater.  For more information on the Palace Theater and the Palace Wurlitzer theater organ, visit http:/

Original recordings by Paul Preo 1964-1965.
Remastered by Saxon Recording.
Digitalized, edited and reproduced by Sheron McNeil Dixon 2006.
Booklet, jewel case and CD designed and printed by Sheron McNeil Dixon.
For more recordings by Douglas Duke visit us at or

Disk One:  The Concert And First Practice Session
Track Listing
  Recorded June 29,1965
Horn Track 01. How High The Moon 03:56
  Track 02. The Boy Next Door 05:04
Horn Track 03. Up The Lazy River 04:38
  Track 04. Girl From Ipanima 05:46
  Track 05. Blusette 05:05
  Recorded June or July 1965
  Track 06. Sophisticated Swing 05:13
  Track 07. Indian Love Call 04:14
  Recorded 2006
  Track 08. Paul & Sheron Part 1 03:59
Horn Track 09. Edward Mitchell Remembers 01:50
Horn Track 10. Paul & Sheron Part 2 01:55
  Recorded December 5, 1964
  Track 11. Paul Preo Interviews Danny Schultz 1964 02:33
Horn Track 12. Paul Preo Interviews Doug Duke 1964 03:29
  Track 13. Fine And Dandy 02:45
  Track 14. Paul Speaks, Doug Explores the Console 03:28
  Track 15: Blusette 04:37
  Track 16. Nina Never Knew 06:59
  Track 17. They Can’t Take That Away From Me 04:05
Horn Track 18. Paul & Danny Talk While Doug Plays 05:16
  Recorded 2006
  Track 19.  Paul & Sheron Part 3 03:15
  Total Time 78:12
Disk Two: Second Practice Session
Track Listing
  Recorded February 1965
  Track 01. Not Identified 02:05
  Track 02. Dancing On The Ceiling 03:12
  Track 03. Nina Never Knew 07:21
  Track 04. There Will Never Be Another You 04:15
Horn Track 05. When I Fall In Love 10:35
  Track 06. Fine And Dandy 04:55
Horn Track 07. Midnight Sun 09:26
  Track 08. East Of The Sun 06:45
  Recorded October 2006
  Track 09. Paul & Sheron Discuss Doug Duke 17:00
Horn Part 1
Horn Part 2
Horn  Part 3
  Total Time 65:39